Next Week’s Contest!


What is it?

You and I get to watch live episodes of Big Brother together! You’ll have your TV on Big Brother, and Watch With Dan will be on your second screen (iPad/Laptop/PC).

So what happens during Watch With Dan?

I’ll be commentating on the episodes live and interacting with you directly during the commercial breaks. There is a chat feature built into Watch With Dan that allows you to comment on the episode, make fun of the houseguests, or ask questions live.

How does it work?

It’s as simple as clicking on a link if you’re on a laptop, or downloading an app if you’re on an iPad/iPhone.

Watch With Dan will be broadcasted through the live-streaming platform Twitch.TV.  Watch With Dan will air concurrently with live episodes of Big Brother starting on June 26th at 7:45PM EST.

How much does it cost?

It’s free, it’s at no cost to you. The show is being brought to you for free thanks to Robson Communications, Inc. Your small business and personal web hosting solution.

OK, I’m in, where do I sign up?

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  1. Dan, I can’t wait for the new season of Big Brother, but I really do not think this year or any other year will top your season with Danielle. I will tune into your show with my twelve cats that I rescued off the streets of LA.
    Take Care

  2. Dan, this interaction with you and other fans during episodes is going to make watching BB that much more enjoyable this year! Wish I didn’t have to miss the first episode (I’m in DC to speak at a conference for other young adults with my chronic illness – a total honor even though it’s interfering majorly with my BB time! ;) ), but I look forward to watching the archive to see what you and everyone is thinking!

    - Ariel

  3. Great job. I watched delayed with my DVR and you through youtube on my PS Vita so I never got to post during the show. Is it possible to watch on my PS Vita live? Probably not.

  4. Glad to see you back in the BB World, Dan. Your 1st season was the best ever. Good Job, you made us Michigan people proud!

  5. Hi Dan! I met you not long ago in Vegas…I took a pictures with you with 2 of my BFFs Olivia and Madi! you are my favorite BB person and I was kind of upset you weren’t on this season:( hopefully next time because it was always interesting with you on the show!

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